Plan for Success!

Set Goals
If you don't set goals, how can you expect to reach them?
Would you try to drive across Alaska during a snow storm without a road map?
Buying a road map to your financial success makes good sense. It can help to keep you on the road to achieve the dreams of your future.

Richard Boggs can provide a point-by-point road map with over twenty-one ways to help build wealth. You can start your road map whether just out of high-school or already in to your middle years. Of course, the younger you create and start your road map, the better the results will be.

He can show you over fifteen reasons why today is the best time to start planning for your future. He'll calculate the cost of waiting and show you the benefits of starting today.

Will You Outlive Your Money?
At the normal retirement age of 65, only 1% of all people can live the way they had hoped and dreamed of.
Another 2% will be comfortable and able to keep up their standard of living.
About 7% of those born in the same year will die before reaching retirement.

All the rest will be living: below their current lifestyle, taking from their children, Social Security or other government aid. Many people can not retire at all! They are forced to continue working in menial jobs with little pay. Either way, its no reward for a lifetime of work.

With planning, you may still have time to retire successfully. At the least, you can learn how to make the most of the money you do have.

We can show you how to get out of debt. You'll have a good idea how much your money you can grow over the years. You'll know how much money you have today, tomorrow, at retirement age and for the rest of your life.

Missing Investment Opportunities*
No investments at all, or the wrong type of investments can cost you money and steal from your future. Elementary goal setting can set financial goals to show you the path to your personal financial security. Not just a concept, detailed information.

Estate Taxes
For many individuals, not just the wealthy, the government can take a big bite out of their estate. This leaves little for children. Tax bills can be 55% of the value of the estate, plus the cut the state will take.

The real cost of retirement planning is 'not planning at all'.


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