We suggest you might want to arrange your affairs to reduce your income taxes.

Are You Paying Too Much?
The IRS says many honest, hard working Americans over pay their taxes simply because the rules are too complicated. If you are unsure how much you are allowed to deduct, you'll be paying too much. Our job is to end your tax headaches by taking this time intensive tax job away form you.

We want to simply your life.
We will make sure you pay the least amount of taxes you can, legally.

Another way you may be over paying is by giving big bucks to part time employees working in the crowded impersonal rooms of some of America's low cost franchise tax shops.

We can save you time and money. We also work in complete privacy. Our fees start at $40 for federal returns, depending on how many schedules are required. An average tax return runs under $100. Call today to schedule an appointment.

Reduce your Obligation to the Government!
Justice Learnard Hand of the US Supreme Court said nothing requires American taxpayers to arrange their affairs to maximize their payments to the government.

We at Boggs & Co. read that as a license for tax planning.
We suggest you might want to arrange your affairs to reduce your income taxes. Let us show you how.

We look for every opportunity to save you money. We ask the right questions and make tax saving suggestions for the future.

Owning Your Own Business
Owning your own business, even if it's part time, is still the best way to keep more money in your pocket. There are countless write offs for businesses, which are not available to individuals.

Some tax planning techniques might involve legal documents that are not within the scope of our business. But, we'll help you find exactly what you need to reach your goals.

The cost of tax planning is often saved during the first year of owning your own business.

The real cost is 'not planning at all'.


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